Online and telephone counselling

Many people ask “Can I have counselling on the telephone or online?” and the answer to that is…Yes you can!

You can have counselling online, using google meet or skype and even face time on your iphone.

How do online counselling sessions work? When you book a session online, I will send you the link for the session about 10 minutes before the start time of your therapy. It is always a private link so that you can be sure that nobody else is logging into your session. It is important for you to be somewhere where you can talk openly and honestly to me. Then the session works in exactly that same way as a face to face counselling session would work.

How does telephone counselling work? In a very similar way, I will call you at the time of the session and we go from there. Again, I like to make sure that my clients are somewhere private, where they won’t be disturbed in order to get the most out of their session.

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