Positive thinking

Have you ever just bought a new car (or new to you) and suddenly everywhere you look there is the same car? You’ve not noticed them before but suddenly they are everywhere! This happens because we get more of what we think about.

You have broken a nail, spilt milk, dropped you mobile phone, all in one morning and for the rest of the day it’s rubbish, this is because you get more of what you think about.

Now I am not saying that if you think about winning the lottery all day every day that you will but if you focus on the good stuff then more good stuff will follow.

A few years ago, bad things kept happening to my family and I. I would describe myself as a victim and that “I’m doing ok considering” but all of the time the focus was on the negative things in life.

I stopped watching soap operas years ago, I actually started calling East Enders, Dead Enders because it was just so dark. My life didn’t fall apart without it, in fact I used the time to do more fun things or educational stuff. We are lulled into this sense of “we must not miss that tv show” but then we see all the bad stuff that goes on. Now you could say that watching that makes you feel better about your own life, but you are still focusing on those negatives.

So the reason we see loads of cars the same as our new one is because getting a new car is good, exciting and uplifting and it’s implanted in our brains. When we are out having a walk in the sunshine and we see squirrels and ducklings it is because we are taking in the beautiful surroundings and realising how lucky we are.

Keep thinking about the good things, no matter how little and the good, positive stuff will come your way.

Published by Victoria Warwick-Jones

Mother, dog mother, beauty junkie, counsellor, aspiring gardener.

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