Shopping, Face Masks and Covid-19

This year is fun isn’t it! I mean Covid-19 really is messing with us. Never before in my lifetime have I had to queue to get into a shop but that is now the norm for us all. But as we start to come out of lockdown and businesses re-open how do we keep ourselves safe and remember that there is a nasty virus out there?

It has been announced this week that people in UK must wear face masks in shops from 24th July, this is brilliant news but I can’t help but feel like we should have been doing this since March. I have worn a mask when shopping during the last few months. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world but as one tweet this week said “it’s more comfortable than a ventilator”. I have had some funny looks when wearing my mask but that’s the price I am prepared to pay to make sure people around me are safe.

My first mask

According to a BBC news report, the office of national statistics are saying that only 22% of people testing positive have symptoms on the day of their test. That means that the rest testing positive for Covid-19 have no visible symptoms. That’s why I wear a mask. This is a new virus which we have so much to learn about.

OK so wearing a mask may be awkward, warm and possibly itchy but if it means that we can shop safer isn’t it worth it? We need to be making it the norm to wear a mask and that the funny looks are aimed at the maskless people. How would you feel finding out you were asymptomatic and had been near vulnerable people without a mask? I would be devastated. We wear them for each other as well as for ourselves. I look forward to seeing more over the next week before it becomes mandatory in the UK.

Victoria x

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