Starting something new

When we decide to start something new it can be scary, exciting, fun… and other people can become jealous or suspicious of why we are doing something new but the thoughts in our own heads are the ones that take over.

I’ve decided to write about this as I have started a 5 day challenge to start writing a book. This book has been in my head for years, literally years but I have never got my plans off the ground. The thoughts going through my head are endless, reasons to do it, reasons not to, who would read it, would people laugh at me, will I regret it, will I become stressed about it? See, lots of thoughts in my head. So what should I do?

I am going for this 5 day challenge and see what happens, 5 days won’t be wasted, I’ll either have a plan and get going or I will realise it’s not what I want to do. One of the main reasons I want to write is because I wish I had been able to read a story like mine when I was going through the hard times. I wish I could have seen that it was possible to change my life and not constantly feel like a victim. I wanted to be inspired by someone who understood what I was feeling.

And so that is where my idea comes from, being the friendly support that someone needs when things are hard going. I want to share things that worked for me but also things that didn’t work, they may for someone else. I want to tell my story, my real story not the one people think they know.

Starting something new is scary, exciting and it’s going to be fun. There may be people with their opinions on what I am doing and they can keep those to themselves thank you. I am going to listen to what my head is telling me and use those thoughts to power me forward. What’s the worst that can happen, I spend 5 days on something that goes in the bin or I move closer to my dream of helping someone through my writing?

Published by Victoria Warwick-Jones

Mother, dog mother, beauty junkie, counsellor, aspiring gardener.

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