Top 10 tips for self-care

It’s so important to look after ourselves, especially if you are feeling anxious. Here are my top 10 self-care tips. Try some and see if they help.

Number 1 Enjoy a book: Spend some time with your feet up and get stuck into a good book. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction or a graphic novel, it’s good to escape to another world.

Number 2 Soak in the bath: There is nothing better than relaxing and putting a face mask on. During this time being stuck at home we sometimes forget to look after our skin as we are not going out an about. A foot pack is also a really good method of relaxation plus you get the added benefit of smooth feet afterwards.

Number 3 Go for a walk: Seriously, go outside, smell the air, look at the world around you. You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy the outside, cities can hold amazing sights for you to enjoy too. Getting those steps up makes you feel better mentally and physically.

Number 4 Laugh as hard as you can: When was the last time you laughed until your belly hurt? Find something funny to watch on you tube or listen to a comedy podcast. You will feel amazing after having a really good giggle. If you own a dog, you have plenty of amusement material from them on a daily basis.

Number 5 Talk to people: I have noticed that when I am out for a walk with my partner we talk so much, we put the world to rights. Try the same, talk about stuff, make yourself heard. We also have a chat with people we see on our walks, some people live alone and have no contact so not only will you make yourself feel better, you’ll help someone else out too.

Number 6 Spend some time with animals: If you have a dog, you are already half way there, dogs are amazing companions and can give you so much love. Walking them, grooming them and playing fetch all help you to concentrate your mind on something other than your feelings of anxiety. If you know someone with a dog, offer to walk it for them. Alternatively, if you see horses on your daily walk, go and spend a few minutes stroking their noses, they love it and you will too.

Number 7 Tidy something: even if you feel really bad, tidying out 1 drawer or cupboard can make you feel so much better and make you feel like you have achieved something.

Number 8 Learn something new: A language, a craft, a new skill, a sport. Learning something new helps you to put your mind into something other than your worries plus you come out of it with something else you can do.

Number 9 Spend time outside, go for a bike ride: Remember being a kid and loving riding your bike, going downhill and really smiling? Do this again. I got a bike last summer and I love it. I can see things I don’t see when driving, I enjoy the fresh air, I get exercise and I have a laugh.

Number 10 Gardening: I have become a little bit obsessed with my garden. Whether you have a large one or just a window box, growing and nurturing a plant or a whole garden can bring you joy and a sense of real accomplishment.

Published by Victoria Warwick-Jones

Mother, dog mother, beauty junkie, counsellor, aspiring gardener.

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