Here we go again!

Lockdown again in the UK to help protect the NHS and stop the spread of Covid-19.

How do you feel about it? I have to admit that although I welcome the lockdown to stop this horrible virus, I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I had nothing planned for today, limited for the rest of the week and the uncertainty of what the next few weeks and months will bring.

I got out of bed, did a Joe Wicks workout, had a bath, put the washing machine on and then took the dog for a walk in the sunshine and after all that I feel so much better. This is what we need to do, get out of bed, even when we don’t want to. Do something that makes us feel good about ourselves and things will start to feel easier.

Walking in the sunshine (and strong wind) with my little doggy put a smile on my face. The sun felt nice, the wind blew the cobwebs away and I was smiling. Nobody would have guessed that 2 hours earlier I was planning on staying in bed all day. I got back, tidied the dog food cupboard, made a bacon sandwich, washed up and then decided to get my laptop out and write this.

I know that tomorrow is another day and who knows how I will feel or how you will feel but we have got to stick together and look after the vulnerable people in our society. It is easy for depression to set in so see what self care things you can do to keep your spirits up and let’s squash this virus once and for all.

Published by Victoria Warwick-Jones

Mother, dog mother, beauty junkie, counsellor, aspiring gardener.

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