The Bridge

Today is the day I am going to cross this rickety old bridge. I am going to conquer my fear and just do it.

As I take my first gentle step onto this old wooden bridge held together with rope, I wonder, why am I doing this? It’s scary to look down and just as bad looking across to the other side. I put my hand tentatively on the rope to my left and let the creaking wood take my weight. It holds, so far so good. I take hold of the right hand side and put my other foot forward. This is it, I am going for it.

The sound of the wood as it sways in the breeze makes me hold my breath, am I safe here? I could step back and give up but I wanted to do this today. I am going to do this today. I tighten my grip on the ropes at either side of me, take a deep breath and I go.

Three steps in and I look down at my feet, huge mistake. Through the gaps in the slats I can see the ravine below me, sweeping along at an alarming rate. The water is foaming and I can see branches being tossed around as though they were nothing. If I fall I’m gone, I wouldn’t survive that water. The rocks on the banks intimidate me, it’s almost like they are daring me. Daring me to do what though, to fall or to fly?

This is where I need to make a decision that will change my life forever. Do I fight the fear and get across this bridge or do I succumb to the feelings of inadequacy and let myself fall?

I am not going to fail, this is a hard journey for me but I will make it to the other side, those rocks can try to intimidate me as much as they want but I will ignore them. I am stronger than I think I am and I can do this. I am coming future, I am changing my life and I will make it to the other side, nobody is going to stop me.

“I am strong, I will continue to be strong, I won’t look back or down, I will keep my head held high and I will prove the others wrong”. And just like that I step off onto the soft earth at the end of the bridge. I did it. This is where the new story can be written.

Published by Victoria Warwick-Jones

Mother, dog mother, beauty junkie, counsellor, aspiring gardener.

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